Krishna Agarwal

Professor and Principal Investigator
Inverse Problems, Microscopy, Nanoscopy, Electromagnetics
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Approximate Cumulative Funding (€): 16,692,500

Project TitleFunding SourceApproximate Amount (€)StartEndRoles
UiT Talent Innovation Main project for Cymoplive SeFI, UiT 57,500 June 2024 May 2025 PI: Biswajoy Ghosh
UiT Talent Pilot Project UiT Talent 10,000 May 2024 Dec 2024 PI: Ankit Butola
Project Establishment Support for EIC Transition Application 2024 SeFI, UiT 20,000 2024 2024 PI: Biswajoy Ghosh
Lightweight Super-Resolution Imaging RCN Verification 500,000 2024 2026 PI: Lars Sorensen (Norinnova), co-PI: Krishna Agarwal and Dilip K. Prasad
Fiber Resolution Targets RCN Verification 500,000 2024 2026 PI: Komal Agarwal, co-PI: Biswajoy Ghosh, Krishna Agarwal, and Bronwyn Smithies (Norinnova)
Computational Adaptive Optics RCN Qualification 50,000 2024 2024 PI: Lars Sorensen (Norinnova), co-PI: Farhad Niknam
Grant for staying abroad (NUS Singapore)UiT IFI4,00020242024PI: Rohit Agarwal
Pilot innovation project for CAOUiT Talent10,00020242024PI: Farhad Niknam
Accelerator funds for Spermotile for attending REACH programUiT Talent20,00020242024PI: Krishna Agarwal
Accelerator funds for CymopliveUiT Talent10,00020242024PI: Biswajoy Ghosh
Accelerator funds for FiRSTUiT Talent10,00020242024PI: Komal Agarwal, co-PI: Biswajoy Ghosh
Cooperation with Singapore UiT’s strategic funds 8,000 2024 2024 PI: Biswajoy Ghosh
Summer school at BioInnovation Institute in Copenhagen DLN 5,000 2023 2023 PI: Biswajoy Ghosh
Project establishment funding of ERC Starting proposal 2024UiT PES10,00020232023PI: Ankit Butola
SpermotileRCN Qualification Grant50,00020232023PI: Dilip Prasad, co-PI: Krishna Agarwal, Lars Sorensen
SpermotileRCN Support for REACH program15,00020232024PI: Krishna Agarwal and Dilip Prasad
NanoRIPRCN overseas research stay80,00020232023PI: Krishna Agarwal, Researcher: Yingying Qin
MUSICAL: Light weight super-resolution imaging platformRCN Qualification Grant50,00020232024PI: Lars Sorensen, co-PI: Krishna Agarwal
Cymoplive: Cyto-Motility and Plasticity in Vitro Live-Cell AssayRCN Qualification Grant50,00020232024PI: Ingrid Skjæveland, co-PI: Biswajoy Ghosh
Versatile Resolution Targets for Optical Nano- and MicroscopesRCN Qualification Grant50,00020232024PI: Bronwyn Smithies, co-PI: Komal Agarwal and Biswajoy Ghosh
Terje og Valerie Stalder Jacobsens forskningsfondUiT IFT6,00020232023PI: Ankit Butola
An innovative assay of MUSICALErasmus plus mobility grant2,00020232023PI: Sebastian Acuňa and Biswajoy Ghosh
Testing AI-based 3D synthetic reconstructions of cell organelles of 2D real microscopy imagesDLN’s cross-project funding3,00020232024PI: Biswajoy Ghosh and Abhinanda Ranjit Punakkal
Nanoscale artificial intelligence in microscopy and nanoscopy for life sciences (*NanoAI)RCN Enabling technology1,200,00020212025PI: Dilip Prasad, co-PI: Krishna Agarwal
SpermotileERC POC150,00020232025PI: Krishna Agarwal
MUSICAL toward innovationDigital Life Norway Innovation Pilot100,00020222023PI: Krishna Agarwal
Organ VisionFET Open RIA3,700,00020212025PI: Krishna Agarwal
Next Generation Optical Nanoscopy Platforms for Biological System -Symbiosis of Advanced Training, Research and InnovationNorwegian Research Council (RCN) INTPART450,00020212024PI: Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia
WP Leader: Krishna Agarwal
Artificial intelligence solutions to virtually stain label-free cell and tissue images for studying cardiovascular diseases of fish and mammalsUiT Thematic Funding3,000,000   (KA 500,000)20212024Co-PI: Krishna Agarwal
Label-free 3D morphological nanoscopy for studying sub-cellular dynamics in live cancer cells with high spatio-temporal resolutionHorizon 2020 ERC Starting Grant1,500,00020192024PI: Krishna Agarwal
Integrated optical nanoscopy for pathology and the clinicNorwegian Research Council (RCN) Nano 20211,000,00020192023PI: Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia
WP Leader: Krishna Agarwal
Label-free nanoscopy of living cells through nanoscale refractive index profilerFRIPRO Young Research Talent800,00020192023PI: Krishna Agarwal
High‐throughput and high-resolution pathology using chip-based nanoscopyNorwegian Research Council (RCN) BioTek800,00020192021PI: Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia
WP Leader: Krishna Agarwal
Chip-based MUSICAL nanoscopy for imaging endocytosis pathways of phage viruses in LSECHorizon 2020 MSCA-IF200,00020172019Researcher: Krishna Agarwal  Host: Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia
Pilot project supportUiT Aurora funding20,00020192021PI: Krishna Agarwal
Event organization support for 3/day workshop on Next-generation live-cell microscopy, 2020Digital Life Norway20,0002020PI: Krishna Agarwal and Florian Strohl
Strategic funding for personnelUiT1,200,0002019PI: Krishna Agarwal. Researchers: Arif Ahmed Sekh, Sebastian Acuna, Farhad Niknam, Yi Huang, TBD
Project establishment funding of FET Open RIA proposal 2020UiT PES30,00020192020PI: Krishna Agarwal
Infrastructure for label-free nanoscopyUiT500,0002019PI Krishna Agarwal
Top up funding for ERC Starting GrantUiT500,0002019PI: Krishna Agarwal
Project establishment funding of ERC Starting proposal 2018UiT PES10,00020172017PI: Krishna Agarwal
Digital excellence ProgramDLN5,00020182018PI: Krishna Agarwal