Join Our Live Q&A: Exploring Life as an International Researcher in Northern Norway

Discover the Unique Aspects of Northern Academic Life

Our team at 3DNanoscopy is excited to host a special live Q&A session dedicated to uncovering the life and work of international researchers in the captivating environment of Northern Norway. We invite all aspiring and current researchers, as well as anyone interested in the distinctive lifestyle of the Arctic, to join us for this informative session.

Event Details:

  • Live: Friday July 10th from 14:00 to 15:00
  • Question Collection: Starts Thursday morning, July 9th
  • Location: Live on our Twitter and LinkedIn

Who are we?

Our panel consists of seasoned researchers and professionals who have firsthand experience navigating the unique challenges and seizing the opportunities that come with living and working in one of the northernmost parts of the world. This is your chance to ask questions directly and gain insights that may not be readily available through regular channels.

O Rohit Agarwal Ph.D Student
As a Ph.D. in machine learning, my research centers on developing scalable AI architectures for modeling complex dynamic systems in real-time. Additionally, I am engaged in efforts to enhance the capabilities of Large Language Models.

O Biswajoy Ghosh, PhD Researcher
My work is situated at the nexus of biology, imaging physics, image analysis, and material science. I firmly believe that a multidisciplinary approach is essential for advancing both science and society.

O Yi Huang Ph.D Student
I am a Ph.D student in computational methods of forward and inverse problems in microscopy. My research focuses on inverse solvers, computational imaging and numerical methods derived from electromagnetic theory and advanced algorithms.

O Farhad Niknam Ph.D Student
My expertise is computational imaging and microscopy, and I seek quantitative methods to numerically extract the most out of mere optical observations.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Day-to-Day Life: What is it really like to live so far north?
  • Research Opportunities: What specific opportunities does Northern Norway offer that you won’t find elsewhere?
  • Community and Networking: How can international researchers build professional and social networks in such a unique setting?
  • Challenges and Rewards: What are the most significant challenges and rewards of conducting research in Northern Norway?

How to Participate:

We encourage you to prepare your questions in advance! The Q&A will be interactive, taking place directly on our social media platforms. Be sure to follow us and stay tuned:

Questions can be submitted by responding to our master post on each platform, which will come tomorrow morning when we officially start collecting inquiries.

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