2023 Annual Report

Articles arXived (and not in review anymore)

Opstad, I. S., Larsen, K. B., Birgisdottir, Å. B., & Agarwal, K. (2023). LysoTracker Deep Red exhibits photoconversion in multi-color structured illumination microscopy. bioRxiv, 2023-10.

Opstad, Ida S., Deanna L. Wolfson, Balpreet S. Ahluwalia, Krishna Agarwal, Tore Seternes, and Roy A. Dalmo. “The complexity of keratocyte migration in salmon explant cultures: initial results and future prospects.” bioRxiv (2022): 2022-06. Link.

I. S. Opstad, S. Acuña, L. E. V. Hernandez, J. Cauzzo, N. S. Basnet, B. S. Ahluwalia, and K. Agarwal, “Fluorescence fluctuations-based super-resolution microscopy techniques: an experimental comparative study,” arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.09195 (2020). Link.