Reflecting on the UMO Seminar and Summer Party

Recently our colleague Huang Yi participated in the UMO seminar followed by the annual summer party, hosted by the Ultrasound, Microwave, and Optics group (UMO) at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. As a new addition to our team, Huang Yi was eager to immerse herself in the group’s activities and connect with her colleagues on both a professional and personal level. Below, she shares her reflections.

Attending the UMO seminar and summer party was a fresh and enriching experience for me. The seminar was an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with colleagues and learn about their latest research endeavors and directions (especially for me as a new member). It opened a window for better understanding and potential cooperation.

 The seminar sessions were well-structured, providing a broad overview of various topics. While with around 15 speakers and very limited time for each topic, the amount of information shared was a bit overwhelming at times. 

The coffee and barbecue afterward were a great idea for unwinding and continuing conversations in a more casual setting. Although I didn’t attend the barbecue because I had eaten plenty of desserts at the summer party the day before.

The summer party itself was a delightful event, a blend of fun and relaxation, giving everyone in our department a chance to unwind and socialize outside of the academic setting. Although it was a bit tiring for our new employees who helped organize it, the effort paid off, we were proud of the decoration we made! I even won a medal (chocolate) in the bingo game!

Huang Yi

Huang Yi’s experiences underscore the value of these gatherings in fostering a sense of community and collaboration among our team members. We are pleased to see our new colleagues engaging so enthusiastically with our group’s activities, and we look forward to more fruitful interactions in the future.