Mini-MBA Experiences

In our fast-paced world, continuous learning and adaptation are not just beneficial but necessary. DLN’s Mini-MBA, a condensed version of a traditional MBA, offered us a quick yet comprehensive dive into essential business concepts. This blog post shares firsthand experiences from attendees from our group, highlighting the diverse impacts and insights gained from this unique educational endeavor. The following are some excerpts from the experiences of our attendees to the Mini-MBA.

The business aspects of a company – how they generate revenue, their growth journey, and the reasons behind venture capital investments – always captivate my interest. The mini-MBA proved to be an excellent resource for answering these questions. The speakers in this program were thought-provoking, and particularly, Prof. Thomas Howard, Co-Founder of Mash Makes, was inspiring and engaging. Personally, I lack confidence in public dissemination, especially on a stage. However, the mini-MBA presented me with an opportunity to devise a business plan and pitch it to an audience of around 50 people. This experience planted a seed of confidence in me, which I am eager to nurture and use as a foundation to enhance my communication skills. Furthermore, I now find myself analyzing the journeys and business plans of companies I encounter, a testament to the program’s impact. I am looking forward to attending the next mini-MBA. –Rohit

As an attendee of DLN’s mini-MBA course in 2024, I was able to experience an intense and complete 1-week program in the commercialization process technology originated in academia. Most speakers came from Denmark, which has a better infrastructure to create startups, but attention was also paid to, e.g., the Norwegian technology transfer system. The course was thorough, but I personally think that the tight, very comprehensive schedule along with the task to put together an entire business concept with another participant in 5 days did not allow for a good processing of the content. This was DLN’s first mini-MBA course, they announced to be planning another in 2025 which I expect to be improved. I encourage others to attend it. –Jean-Claude

A group of wonderful people in the cozy ambiance of the Scandic hotel and the warm springy weather in Oslo undoubtedly shows that a great stage is set for learning and networking. Enrolling in the DLN mini-MBA course was an enriching experience that was not only educational but also wonderfully social, with a variety of activities that allowed for engaging interactions with other participants. The highlight of the course was the insightful talks on business topics such as scale-up strategies, roadmap building, and fundraising possibilities. Additionally, the meetings offered profound perspectives on the tech-related business ecosystems and deepened my understanding of the evolution of technology to a product. The combination of a great environment, engaging people, and positive insights made this event a memorable and impactful experience. –Farhad

Coming from a research and technical background, I learned a lot during this one week mini-MBA workshop. Every single session introduced me to concepts I had not known earlier. The part I liked the most was the hands-on sessions we had every day where we were asked to apply the learned concepts on our own business case. This really helped me get a good understanding of how these things worked. At the end of the workshop, we also got to present our business case to the judges. I presented for our group and it was a fun experience arguing not about the solution, but rather about the actual marketability of our products. Overall, I think the course was a good introduction to the practical aspects of turning your research project into a commercially viable product. I will definitely consider joining again if they do another installment in the future. –Suyog


The Mini-MBA served as a catalyst for professional growth, equipping us with the tools and confidence to transform theoretical knowledge into practical business solutions. Each account underscores the program’s ability to blend academic rigor with real-world application, fostering not only business acumen but also invaluable networking opportunities. Attending the Mini-MBA is already paying off and we’re happy that it got to enhance our business expertise and professional network.