A new type microscope has just been funded by the RCN

Florian Ströhl, one of our team members, has just been granted 8 MNOK by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) for his project «Development of Real Volumetric Microscopy through Single Objective Light-Sheet Imaging System (SOLIS)» in the category «Researcher Project for Young Research Talents». According to Florian:

«We will build a completely new type of microscope [...]. The new system will be gentle, yet fast and highly resolving, and allow for simple sample handling. Together with Åsa Birgisdottir and Truls Myrmel, we will apply it to the study of mitochondrial transfer in heart cells.»

If you want to know more, UiT has just published a note with an interview where they asked Florian more about his project. The note is available in this link.

The official information can be found here, with a complete list of awarded projects. This year there were 2.363 applicants, with only 11% rate of success!

Congratulations to Florian and his team!