Sebastian Acuña earned his PhD degree

Sebastian Acuña, a member of 3Dnanoscopy right from its inception, completed his PhD degree today. His PhD thesis is titled ‘Multiple Signal Classification Algorithm: A computational microscopy tool for fluorescence microscopy’ (?). He took what was a good method published in Nature Communication in 2016 (?) and improved it to a versatile method that is not just easy to use, but also capable of working with a variety of microscopes and nanoscopes commercially available or custom built. He has contributed his sweat and blood to MUSICAL since 2018, first as a master student and then as a PhD student. And it showed today in his excellent defense of his thesis against the opponents Dr. Giuseppe Vicidomini (IIT, Genova, ?) and Prof. Mohammad Nadeem Akram (USN, Tønsberg, ?). Congratulations Dr. Acuña!!!