Building Bridges in Education: Professor Krishna Agarwal ‘s Role in Fostering UiT-IIT (ISM) Cooperation

As a distinguished alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology and a current professor at the Arctic University of Norway (UiT), Professor Krishna Agarwal stands at the forefront of academic collaboration between Norway and India. Her efforts are not just a representation of personal achievement but symbolize the growing educational bridge between these two nations. 

The UiT-IIT (ISM) Collaboration 

The recent visit of India’s ambassador to Norway, Dr. Acquino Vimal, to UiT has highlighted the ongoing and future potential of Indo-Norwegian academic cooperation. With UiT having hosted 128 Indian students from 2019 to 2023 and having published 105 joint papers with Indian colleagues, the foundation for collaboration is well-established (Bredesen, 2023). 

Agarwal’s ambassadorship has been pivotal in representing Indian research leaders at UiT and fostering the partnership with IIT (ISM). This collaboration has already yielded fruitful outcomes, including a successful Virtual Exchange program, allowing students to engage in cross-continental learning. 

Expanding Horizons 

UiT’s ambition to facilitate more exchanges at the bachelor and master levels and to establish joint PhD programs where scholars spend part of their time at UiT and the remainder at an Indian partner university is groundbreaking. This initiative not only enriches academic experiences but also bridges cultural and educational gaps between Norway and India. 

Despite the successes, there are challenges, primarily in funding student exchanges. Solutions like Virtual Exchange are innovative ways to circumvent these hurdles, ensuring that educational cooperation continues to thrive despite financial constraints. 

Beyond individual partnerships, the delegation from UiT’s visit to India in autumn and interactions with Indian universities and institutes highlight a broader scope of collaboration. With areas like physics, technology, engineering, bioprospecting, and space science being identified for potential cooperation, the scope of this partnership is vast and multidimensional. 


Professor Krishna Agarwal’s role as an ambassador in this intercontinental academic exchange is not just a representation of her individual excellence but a beacon of the possibilities that lie in international education collaboration. As UiT and IIT (ISM) continue to strengthen their bonds, they set a precedent for how educational institutions can work together for mutual advancement and global understanding. 


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