Top 10 Most Cited Articles

The 3DNanoscopy group at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø is celebrating a remarkable achievement as the paper titled “Mitochondrial dynamics and quantification of mitochondria-derived vesicles in cardiomyoblasts using structured illumination microscopy” by Ida Sundvor Opstad was recognized as one of the top 10 most-cited articles of 2022-2023 in the Journal of Biophotonics. This pioneering study underscores the capabilities of three-dimensional structured illumination microscopy (3DSIM) in visualizing and quantifying fast-moving and minute mitochondria-derived vesicles (MDVs) in cardiomyoblast cells, a crucial advancement in understanding cellular mechanisms for maintaining mitochondrial integrity, particularly under stress.

The research details how MDVs play a vital role in mitochondrial quality control, essential for energy production in cardiac cells. Utilizing the state-of-the-art 3DSIM technique allowed the team to observe dynamic mitochondrial activities and the formation of MDVs at unparalleled resolution and speed. This achievement not only highlights the specialized focus of the 3DNanoscopy group on super-resolution microscopy but also paves the way for further insightful research into cellular behaviors that are critical to cardiovascular health and disease. The recognition from the Journal of Biophotonics serves as a testament to the impactful work being conducted at UiT-The Arctic University of Norway, propelling forward the boundaries of cellular imaging and biophotonics.